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June 28, 2012
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Another conference of nations has reached midpoint and you were caught dead of boredom. Today's meeting was focused on Northern Europe, which meant there wasn't much to talk to talk about because that obnoxious Danish would ramble on and on about completely irrelevant topics. He was so full of himself and stuck up that it disgusted you.

But sitting quietly behind the Danish-douche was Sweden, Berwald as he was called. He was gazing right at you...looking somewhat ticked off. It felt highly uncomfortable. Not to mention, the more you tried to look away, the more seriously he gaze. Had you done anything to make him act like this? Impossible; you never even spoke to the man. It's clear enough you've caught the Swedish man's attention.

~ ♥ ~

When the UN conference was over you thanked God and packed your belongings, still puzzled over Berwald. Anyway, you brushed it off and went on with your life, but as soon as you were header towards the door, a hand clamped onto your shoulder, sending a shiver up your spine and stopping you in your tracks. When you turned around to meet your intruder, you saw it was Sweden, his gaze on you once more.

"Fröken," he said in a deep rich voice. You were almost amazed at what a golden voice he truly had behind that somewhat evil look. "Come."

"Where the hell?" you demanded, claiming your shoulder back. All Berwald did was glare at you menacingly until you gulped and gave in, letting him take you wherever he would.
He then picked you up forcefully, causing you to scream and kick, but he never let you go. You were sure to have given him a bruise or two…or three. Where in the hell was this guy taking you?

After so much thrashing about you'd thing the Swede would break. He finally put you down and you brushed out your tan pencil skirt. Rage filled you. What was so important…or not so important…that caused him to act in such a forceful way. Then again, you never spoke to the guy, so you didn't really know whether this was normal to the Nordics or not.
Berwald was tending his bruises as you took a hand and swung it fast toward his face, which he caught.

"No more," he panted. "tyvärr, just this one night." This caused you to blush terribly. But before you can even begin to wonder…pervishly…about what he said, you looked over to the side to meet a huge building, gold lined, labeled "Grand Vinet", a ballroom and restaurant you've been itching to go to since forever. And it was right there, in front of you. Joy began consuming all your anger for a moment, until you realized who took you there in the first place. You turned to look at Berwald, who still looked somewhat pissed, and slightly scowled, not wanting to admit you were sorry. With a chin up you locked arms with him and tugged him towards the building, blushing, as he did too. At the door and waiting area, you heard him wanting to say something.

"Uhm…" he began. He didn't say anything more, but pulled out a flat box instead. "open it."

"Oh…okay." You obeyed as he looked away slightly.

When you looked inside, it was a silver necklace with a carved [birthstone] at the end. The sudden sight of beauty caused a slight gasp to air from your lips, when the Swede turned around. I guess it was safe to say, no, he was definitely not kidnapping you. So you opened up to him, not too much, but your asshole-ish attitude was lifted. And you went to hug the man before you.

"Oh, Sve," you breathed. "thanks." But all he did was rest a hand on your back as you put it on. You did notice a change of spectrum on his cheeks, slowly deepening. However, his face remained expressionless.

"You sure have a way with words, Sve," you chuckled while removing your blazer and resting it on the back of your chair. He blushed some more…considering your top was slightly transparent, revealing a black bra that was blurred gray. 'What a great day to wear a blazer', you thought as you folded your hands on the table covering you up.
You didn't need to woo him. I was clear enough that he admired you, even as you began to admire…

..his broad shoulders, stiffened
…sparkling blue eyes, which lifted his dull expression
…his shaggy, yet flawless blond hair
…and his big manly hands, the ones that carried you here.

The meal arrived, which you enjoyed all too well. Pretty soon, you were more and more interested in the strange man.
Even as you walked out, you felt his gaze behind you. Was he signaling something? Another..move..or..?
Only one way to find out. You turned facing him and embraced him into a loving hug.
"You may not know much on talking to a lady, but you sure as hell can treat one." Signaling off all the signs that you returned his feelings, you had a voice in your head teasing 'why love him? Why so quickly?'

You silently rested your head on his shoulder when he pulled out a cigarette and began his evening smoke.
Finishing off and throwing the butt of the tube on the ground, you made your way home. But where was he going? Home with you? Or to his place? All you knew was that you were going to your home.

And he was there too. At the gate of your home you had no idea what else to do.

"Sve..?" you started off, not knowing where to end. "Goodnight."
The Swedish beau stood there as you unlocked the front door, meters ahead of him, when you looked back you noticed those eyes again, tinted with a hint of loneliness. Something about the moonlight caused his eyes to glisten nicely, sexily almost, and they were looking at nothing but you. So you walked back to him and stared back, almost like an intense staring contest. Without another second to waste, you moved closer, reeling you face to his…so so slowly, making sure he was comfortable. You heard him faintly whisper…


Closing your eyes, you happily entwined your lips with his. Peeking an eye, you could see Berwald had already closed his, allowing you to gift him your firey embrace. Before you can even go on, Berwald thrusted your hips to his, picking you up, and you gladly wrapped you legs around his waist. Once again, those arms held you, sliding up and down your arms, causing the tiny hairs to stand.

What you loved the best was the way he kissed. It was so polite, lovely, and at the same time, dominating. He delivered to you the mixed taste of tobacco and red wine, sweet yet bitter, all in a seductive bundle. You loved it and damn, did you love him. He never let you go, even after you unlatched for air. And once again, his gaze was upon you, robotically almost.

"If you could, Sve, would you stare at me like that forever?" you implanted another kiss on his velvet lips.
But all he did was gaze at you, ever so passionately.
Oh yes, he's watching you.


I feel like...its missing something. Damn! You ever get that feeling? Erm...
DONT HATE ME, I know its sorta crappy..
COMMENT OR I'LL....Idk what I'll do. So there.

Sweden is Hidekaz Himuyraya's...though I wish he were mine.
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kiyokoyotsukisan Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014   General Artist
i am not sure how i would react to this. usually staring creeps me out, but when its coming from a tall, good looking swede, im not sure. though im pretty sure id be like "what? what do you want? what is it? is there something on me? get it off! get it off!" then id proceed to find alfred and kiku and beg them to check me to see if theres some bug or something on me.
KagaReuqi Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student General Artist
A-meriko Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
(I feel.... that its missing a lemon.... Hmmm, a lEMON *coughcough*)
KagaReuqi Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Of course we all need lemons huh lol!
A-meriko Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
( XD Mmhmmm! )
OtakuRabbits Featured By Owner Edited Jul 7, 2014
KagaReuqi Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student General Artist
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IGame101 Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
heh, im not really a fan of staring. i have this student in my math class, he wont stop FUCKING STARING AT ME. even when im eating at lunch like what the hell? thats creepy as hell. even when im playing with my hair... when i glare at him, he doesnt take the hint to back the fuck off. he. keeps. staring. omf
AkiraWolf12 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Is le creepy kid....good looking? I hate to sound shallow but I'm just curious. That happened to me when I went to camp. This guy kept staring at me on the bus. I found out he liked me, at the time I was probably 11 going on 12 (I don't remember how old I was) and he was 15 I believe. He wasn't a looker but he seemed nice, except he scared the shit outta me for staring!
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